Inhabitants of Nijmegen: beware!!! The Graafseweg is a pit during the holiday.

Graafseweg werk

Do you often drive by car over the Graafseweg? Do not do it anymore. From Wednesday 26 July to Sunday 3 September, this road will be a pit. The road is closed between the Arend Noorduijnstraat and the Rozenstraat and the crossing with the Willemsweg for car traffic. Cyclists and pedestrians are allowed to go. Do you live in this section? For road traffic, the road is still accessible to the Burghardt van den Berghstraat / Arend Noorduijnstraat and to the Rozenstraat. In the last week of August the road will be asphalted and the alignment will be applied. Then the Graafseweg is closed from the Emperor Charles Square to the Rozenstraat.

Work on bike paths and viaducts.
The holiday period is used to carry out maintenance work on the two railway viaducts where the Graafseweg passes. At the same time, the municipality carries out roadworks so that traffic is only one time. In the coming weeks, the road surface on the viaducts will be replaced and the cycle paths will be asphalted and widened. At the height of Dobbelman, the cycle path is shifted. The bike path is at the same height as the cars. The current steep exit will only be used by pedestrians.

Graafseweg: from two to one lane.
For traffic going out of the city, the number of lanes on the rail viaduct is back from two to a lane. On the part between Emperor Charles Square and Arend Noorduijnstraat, two lanes remain so that the traffic has enough space to insert. In addition, the intersections with the Arend Noorduijnstraat / Burghardt van den Berghstraat and the crossroads with the Willemsweg are changing. There are also new traffic lights with waiting time forecasters.

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