July 07, 2017 – Tijn Kolsteren, known for his nail polish action for Serious Request, died during the night of Thursday on Friday at the age of 6. The boy suffered from cerebral cervical cancer. That states 3FM Friday in a response to the website. The 6-year-old Tijn became “the hero” of the radio station at the end of 2016 when he went to the glass house and offered there from anyone who donated money to paint the nails. Several well-known Dutch and politicians joined the action of Tijn by lacquering their nails and donating money. Tijn suffered from terminal brain stem cancer (DIPG), a rare disease that is diagnosed annually in the Netherlands by fifteen to twenty children. At the end of May there was a new action with Tijn: The boy got his own nail lacquer ‘Lak door Tijn’, collecting money for the purchase of a device that has so far treated to severely ill children with cerebral cancer. Thursday evening, the target amount of 1 million euros was reached. Friday at the formal end of the action, more than 1.1 million euros were collected. According to a spokeswoman, the action continues until the last pot of nail polish is sold. Prime Minister Mark Rutte called Tijn Thursday evening, following the announcement of the achievement of the Image result for TIJN KOLSTERENtarget amount, an example for many people. “After the fantastic action in Breda, which has also turned a lot around Tijn, you’ve managed to get this together too. Really fantastic,” said the Prime Minister. “Tijn is such an example for a lot of people. How to get rid of so much energy in so many people, I find that very special.” Blessing – Pope Franciscus blessed Tijn in April 2017. “That he committed himself to other sick children so that they could grow older than he took me,” said Johan Flapper, Nijmegen’s pastor, at Omroep Brabant. “I saw in his actions that of the Christmas child of Bethlehem,” he says. “Therefore I wrote a letter to the Pope.” From Vatican City a letter was sent to Tijn and his parents. “His Holiness guides the little Tijn with prayer and confides in Mary’s advocacy, the consolation of the impromptu. The Holy Father grants the little Tijn and his family, His apostolic blessing.” Planetoid – In addition, a planetary tune was named by Tijn by the Minor Planet Center in the United States. Of these rocky blocks in a job around the sun there are hundreds of thousands. Previously, planetoids were named after Harry Mulisch, Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Anne Frank, Erasmus, Wubbo Ockels, André Kuipers and Johan Cruijff. The Red Cross, which Serious Request co-organized, honored the boy from Hapert with a high distinction: the Cross of Merit. The relief organization accepts this distinction in exceptional cases if there are “important services within or towards the Red Cross.”

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