0271-Twan Foundation


  • Eric Baas (b. March 16, 1956) -Twan’s grandfather-  comes to Nijmegen for the Walk of the World marches (Vierdaagse) since 2006 and seeks shelter at our home. Eric is a fervent caregiver associated with several soccer teams as VV. Bennekom. As the WotW edition 2006 ended after the first day (temperatures >30C, 2 deaths), the counts for Eric (marching 50K per day, 4 days in a row) started in 2007. Last year he walked for the 10th time the WotW, in the 100th edition of the WotW. Nowadays Eric walks the 40K per day, preferably with an early start (distances per day for men, compulsary: 12y-15y: 30K, 16y-18y: 40K, 19y-49y: 50K, 50y-59y: 40K, 60y and older: 30K). Eric is a former marine. From his first marriage Eric has a son and a daughter.
  • Rutger Baas (b. October 4th, 1982) -the father of Twan- made also his career in the marine corps. He is a very sportive man, who rowed e.g. last year accross the North Sea to England, to raise funds for the Twan Foundtion. He joined his father several times in the WotW, and as a marine the compulsary 50K per day was easy for him 🙂 . Since the difficulties with Twan, Rutger does not walk anymore the WotW. But, he sometimes shows up. along the parcours… At the moment he works for the Defense department, and is specialised in escorting severe criminals, but is also charged escorting politicians and diplomats. Rutger is a member of the board of Twan Foundation; his wife Rianne is the president.
  • Foto-TwanTwan Baas (b. Sep-tember 2010) is the third generation in line. He suffers from the rare disease A-T (Ataxia Telangiectasia) -in the Netherlands about only 15 cases-. But he is a very lively, cheerful boy although he is very limited in action, because he gets tired very fast. You can read more about Twan and the A-T disease here. He is treated by Professor Doctor Michèl Willemsen, Child neuro-logist.
  • Prof. Dr. Michèl Willemsen, Child Neuro-logist, Management Expertise Center REEB – Children @ UMCN Radboud, Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Michèl Willemsen specializes in the treatment and guidance of children with neurometabolic and neurodegenerative diseases and of hq720children with movement disorders. He has specific expertise in ataxia teleangiectasia, GLUT1 deficiency syndrome, Sjögren-Larsson syndro-me and neurotransmitter diseases. Michèl Willem-sen studied medicine at the Radboud University Nijmegen from 1986 to 1990; In 1993 he obtained an art exam at UMC St Radboud. He then worked for a year as AGNIO for pediatrics, and from 1994 to 1999 he studied the pediatric and pediatric neurologist. In early 2000, Willemsen was registered as a pediatrician and a child neurologist. In 2001, Willemsen at Radboud University (cum laude) researched the Sjögren-Larsson Syndrome, a hereditary metabolic disease involving the brain, eyes and skin. His research activities have always focused on hereditary brain diseases (especially metabolic diseases), and movement disorders in that context. In 2006, Dr. Willemsen was appointed Head of Department of Child Neurology. Since 2008, Willemsen is a staff member of the Department of Neurology in UMC St Radboud and Head of Child Neurology. He is a member of the daily board of the Dutch Nursing for Child Neurology (NVKN) and the European Pediatric Neurology Society (EPNS).



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