0254-Graafseweg 219

2017/06/20 – Yard & pond

Although we have a pump (on the pic: under, left) with built-in filter, and a big cleaning machine with UV radiation, the water what returns in the pond is far from clear (on the pic: upper right). According to our neighbor Peter we should work with plants, which absord the green stuff and turns it into oxygen. So, off to a large garden center South of Nimwegen: “Intratuin”.

What we bought: 2 baskets, to be filled with little stones and plants, and to be placed approx. 40 cm below the water surface. That was great, as our first section of the pond is 42cm 🙂 . Furthermore pink and yellow fleur-de-lis and 5 floating plants. 

All arranged according to the instructions of the salesman 😛 😛 😛 at “Intratuin”, ready to sink off in the pond.

The result: the pink fleur-de-lis already in bloom. The yellow fleur-de-lis are the green stems you can see. The floating plants: not 5 but 6! Perhaps the tall, blond, blue-eyed salesman  😛 😛 😛 liked us…???

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