0253-Student housing

Graafseweg 215









Pictures above: left the front door with the orange sign of SSHN (Society for Student Housing Nijmegen), and right the doorbells with the names of the tenants.


  1. Residents of the property Graafseweg 215 sousterrain/ground floor/first floor at {6531 ZS] Nijmegen, domicile sub 2. following, hereinafter referred to as “the nuisance to residents sub §3 “.
  2. SSHN, as owner of sub 1 named property, domicile Laan van Scheur 4 at [6501 BD] Nijmegen,  hereinafter referred to as “the landlord /owner“.
  3. Luke C. Barkhuis and Pieter J.L. Bormans, owners and residents of the property Graafseweg 219, domicile Graafseweg 219 at [6531 ZS] Nimegen, hereinafter: “the residents“.


  1. During the evening of Monday, June 19th to the morning of Tuesday, June 20, 2017, the nuisance to residents §3 in the garden of the property Graafseweg 215 sousterrain/ground floor/first floor had a cozy & loud gathering/party.
  2. When the residents wanted to rest at 00:10 on the 20th of June (they sleep at the street side of the Graafseweg, but for ventilation the sliding doors on the garden side on the first floor should be opened) there was laughter, discussions and noise of eating and/or drinking utensils.
  3. From the balcony (garden side) on the first floor, one of the residents has called to the nuisance to the residents §3, but without reaction /result.
  4. At 00:30 at night, guests started to say goodbye, in a for the residents, loudly way.
  5. One or more guests then went loudly towards the Graafseweg 223-237, also student housings with other nuisance to residents, where the concerning landlord/owner of the property being also approached for inconvenience.
  6. At 00:45 hours, after cleaning up the gathering/party environment, silence returned.


  1. In the model rental agreement SSHN, the owner/landlord states in Article D.11: “The tenant is obliged not to give landlords, residents or neighboring residents any inconvenience“.
  2. The inconvenience of room rental objects, as yours, was dealt with at the meeting of the City Council of Nijmegen on June 14, 2017 under item 12, and will be re-appealed to the City Council meeting on 28 June 2017.
  3. POLICE: “The approach to nuisance is a joint responsibility of municipalities, police, relief agencies and housing associations. But you as a citizen can also do something by -for exemple- reporting inconvenience. When people live close together, conflicts or arguments can arise. By not talking at all or not talking well, it can get out of hand. Neighborhood mediators can help you out there with your neighbors.” 
  4. The new and stricter room rental policy of the municipality of Nijmegen is bad at student housing firm SSH &. Kees Stunnenberg, director of SSH & the largest student housing firm in the city, finds that Nijmegen is shooting a cannon on a mosquito with the new stricter room rental policy . The student is highly stigmatized in the new policy as a nuisance, he believes. ‘I wonder if you’re a first-year-old to feel welcome in the city, if you’re reading this.’ Also chairman Floris Boone of the student union AKKU believes that the municipality of Nijmegen exaggerates and overcomes the inconvenience problem in student housing. “The rotten apples should take you out, but do not put the student down as a nuisance. We see that happening now. That’s really a pity,” Boone says. According to SSH & Director Stunnenberg, the inconvenience caused by students, in particular, is “6,000 rooms, at least.” “And if there’s really a nuisance, we’ll get up soon after a message. We employ twelve house masters who are on our way daily.” The SSH & has especially large, separate student complexes. The number of “city houses” of the SSH & does not exceed 80. There are about 600 students living in it. House smugglers: Stunnenberg finds that there is also another large private room rental market, including real house smugglers, and that the situation may be different. “But what worries me is that Bert Velthuis, with his new approach to custody, puts the student in a false daylight. As if they are all celebrators and cause many problems in the neighborhood. However, most students are very socially involved, work hard. Many students are actively involved in the neighborhood where they live, we experience. Ten years ago we got more complaints than now.” According to the director, there are no more than twenty at the SSH & within. “Students give the city shine with their dynamics and talent. What would be Nijmegen without students? Perhaps an aging, shrinking provincial town.” He calls the note of Governor Velthuis about the room rental policy, therefore, a little bit tight. “Of course, it’s great to deal with excessive nuisance, we do it ourselves too. But not every mention of a living is evidence of excessive inconvenience. It’s sometimes nothing at all, for example a bicycle that’s wrong.” Better visible: Stunnenberg also finds it good that Alderman Velthuis demands that the landlords of the premises must be more visible to the neighborhood. “We have a SSHN tag on all our properties. Therefore, every resident can find us if they want to file a complaint.” President Floris Boone of Student Affairs AKKU considers it a good idea to organize complaints complaints better. Velthuis wants it to be kept central. “That’s a good step. But I think that complaints about other tenants in ordinary homes should also be centralized. ‘ Boone also claims that illegal property owners should be taken care of.“They do not comply with the law.” (source: de Gelderlander)

A copy of this email will be delivered at the nuisance to residents §3. However, we count on SSHN quick and adequate handling!


L.C. Barkhuis & P.J.L. Bormans

Graafseweg 219, 6531 ZS Nijmegen

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