0251-Student housing

Graafseweg 223-237

As a variation on “On a beautiful morning like this”, here the evening setting of the neighboring students of Graafseweg 223-237. Visible are 5 females and one male, the whole “assembly” coun-ted ten people, having a beer in the sunset. The picture is taken from our front balcony and the (according the owner of the student complex) offending red car is parked exactly on the driveway of Graafseweg 221, with the strict permission of the owners of Graafseweg 221.

However, the owner of the student complex, Mr. Vogelsang -husband of the owner of the buildings in question: Archi-Bel B.V., sees this as an illegal use of his property and threatens to tow away the red car (“It is only a matter of putting a chain and discard the obstacle”, as he said).

The proprietress of the car, a woman known by our neighbors, lives also at the Graafseweg (odd numbers) but more towards the city. Normally she parks the car in front of the student complex, which is -according to the angry owner- a private property. So in the last case he could ask the lady in question to park her car elsewhere. At the other side of the Graafseweg is a cycle road annex driveway, where lots of people park their car in the evening, as parking space on the odd numbered side of the Graafseweg is sparse 😦 😦 😦

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