2017/06/15 – Horst – social duties

Now that it is about 14 years ago, that Pierre finished his practice as a GP in the village of Horst (Limbourg), thare remain social duties towards former patients, collegues and friends. Today we visited a 77 year old lady, who suffered from lung cancer at the time that Pierre left the practice (July 31, 2003) and a collegue GP of 92 years, with whom we were both involved: Pierre as a direct collegue GP and I as guest parent for a grandson in Amsterdam: Pierre Alain, son of Joost, who is a professor in bio-micrology in Osnabrück (Germany). With the collegue GP we had lunch in GEMBER

Afterwards we went to the GP’s house, next to Pierre’s former practice. The house is immense for a man alone (his wife died about 5 years ago and all 5 children live abroad or in the Netherlands).






Left, top: Ginger beer 0% alcohol

Right, center: backyard Venrayseweg 1, Horst

Bottom: Kabroek creek with fall