Nursing Lady Helen Mary, day 1

Major Wilfrid Michael Fox, father of Lady Helen Mary Stewart-Wilson – Fox

I owe my followers an explanation

about the “Nursing @ North Curry” so soon after the pleasant days around last Easter. On the evening of April 12, prior to our last visit (April 13 – 19) we got  a call from Mary, in which she told us that she had visited her cardiac specialist with the blunt result: a pace-maker AV a.s.a.p.. Mary told the specialist about the forthcoming visit of the people from the Netherlands for Easter. The surgery was then postponed to April 20 at noon. It would be a 24 hour stay in the hospital and then a 6 weeks recovery period. As Mary was supposed not to be active during the first week, she asked me to come to London on Friday April 21, travel by train to Taunton, and stay a week with her. That was a bit of a problem, considering Pierre’s position. I should have to cancel some appointments. Pierre would be alone in Nijmegen for a week. After several discussions: Mary/Luke, Luke/Pierre, Pierre/Mary and finally Mary/Pierre/Luke we came to the agreement that Mary would pay the airline tickets for me to and from the UK, the train to Taunton and the taxi from Taunton to North Curry. So, on Wednesday April 19 we flew home from Bristol; I am supposed to catch the train on Friday April 21 at 06:58 AM (GMT+1) to Amsterdam Aiport and take the plane to London Heathrow; I shall fly back on Thursday April 27 from Bristol, because I have a hospital appointment on Friday April 28 at 09:35 AM (GMT+1).

Following Lady Mary’s instructions, nobody will be informed about the surgery till it is all over. If Mary tells it to someone, it is HER business. The only one who was informed by the three of us was her daughter Sophy McIntosh, during our visit to the family on bankholiday.

QNQ 05:58AM – AMS 07:29AM: 01H 33M BY TRAIN

AMS 09:45AM – LHR 10:40AM: 00H 55M BY PLANE

 LHR 11:39AM – ST JOHN’S WOOD 12:50PM: 01H 11M BY TUBE

Image result for piccadilly line timetable

Lady Helen Mary Stewart-Wilson’s travel instructions: At Heathrow take the Picca-dilly line:

At Piccadilly Circus (NO, Mary, at GREEN PARK!!!) change onto the Jubilee line:

  Green Park


  Bond Street


  Baker Street


  St. John’s Wood

Cross over the Wellington Rd, take 2nd right down Circus Rd, take 1st left down Cavendish Av and left into Wellington Place. The hospital is at 8a Wellington Place. Ask reception and they will know where I am!!!


St John’s Wood 02:40pm – PAD 02:50pm: 00h 10m by taxi

Image result for LONDON TAXI

Image result for paddington station

PAD 03:06PM – TAU 04:58PM: 01H 52M BY TRAIN

Image result for paddington taunton

And as a well brought up woman should do, the first thing was to send a SMS or WhatsApp to her GP in London. Instead of taking care of her left arm, as the pacemaker was placed on the left side of her thorax and her left arm was in a sling. But anyone who knows Mary knows, that it is hard to forbid her anything, even when the consequences afterwards may not be that nice 😦 😦 😦 For the immense amount of £195.00 you had a single fare Paddington – Taunton, first class; including drinks and little things to eat. Lady Mary travels with a 30% discount card. But even in that case the fare is £130.00 😦 😦 😦

TAU 05:02PM – NCY 05:22PM: 00H 20M BY TAXI

Image result for LONDON TAXI


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