Visiting Somerset day 5

A VISIT TO: Bruce & Sophy McIntosh + children @ Higher Tripp Farm, Watchet, Somerset.


Sir Blair Aubyn Stewart-Wilson. Born 17 July, 1929, in London. Died: 24 May, 2011, in Somerset, aged 81. Deputy master of the household and equerry to Queen Elizabeth II.

A visit to: (Alastair) Bruce & Sophia Mary McIntosh @ Higher Tripp Farm, Watchet, Somerset

Sophia Mary Stewart-Wilson was born on 29 March 1966. She is the daughter of Lt.-Col. Sir Blair Aubyn Stewart-Wilson and Helen Mary Fox. She married Alastair Bruce McIntosh in 1991. From 1991, her married name became McIntosh. She lives since 2003 at Higher Tripp Farm, Watchet, Somerset, England.

Children of (Alastair) Bruce McIntosh and Sophia Mary Stewart-Wilson:


  • Lily McIntosh b. 5 Jan 1993
  • Kitty McIntosh b. 24 Apr 1994
  • Tara McIntosh b. 21 Dec 1995
  • Harry McIntosh b. 8 May 1999

From left to right:  Tarn (1995), Kitty (1994), Lady Mary Stewart-Wilson (1939), Sophy McIntosh (1966), Harry (1999), Lily (1993), Bruce McIntosh (1959)


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