Visiting Somerset day 4

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor st peter and st paul north curry

Church of St Peter & St Paul North Curry by Kate Mears.

In the night some of the white Easter lilies in the dining room have come out to bloom.  A wonderful timing by our hostess Mary: “The mass is at 10:30, so we leave at 10:05”.  On our way towards St Peter & St Paul, we met a lady: the ringer of the churchbell!!! Mass had started at 10:00 am.  After a (boring) service, where the sound was terrible, we had to meet a lot of friends of Mary: there was Joan, who we already had met at Kay’s, with her son and daughter in law and 2 fabulous dressed children, and Joan’s daughter; then there was Kay, and (new) Richard and Wendy. We had coffee there in the garden, at 23 Queen Square. Their garden is so large, that it goes on behind Joan at 20 Queen Square. In the afternoon we went for an Easter stroll. The evening prior to Easter (in Dutch: Silent Saturday 🙂 ) Mary had forgotten an appointment to pass by for drinks at John. There was an alarming message on the answering machine that he had been waiting with all kinds of delicious things. When Mary called him  after mass, he was out. So the message with thousand excuses: “Please come over tonight for an Easter champaign”. Which was accepted.

And before we had the Easter lamb, we first enjoyed a Kir Royal (Mary & Luke) and plain champaign (John & Pierre). The lamb is doomed to be consumed over the next week also, because the size is enormous.

Pictures from top to bottom: lilly 1, the first one blooming on top of the bouquet; lilly 2, the second one blooming, at the side of the bouquest; an apple tree in the garden of Richard and Wendy, in full bloom.

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