Visiting Somerset day 1

QNQ 08:28 AM – AMS 09:59 AM, by train National Railways IC3130

Image result for klm cityhopper embraer 175

AMS 12:00 PM – BRS 13:15 PM, by KLM Cityhopper KL1051

BRS 14:00 PM – TAU 14:53 PM, by bus South West Falcon



–[M] 10:47 AM Are you at the airport??? Amsterdam


–[L] 11:54 AM Leaving AMS airport now. Hold tight. PP&CL


–[M] 02:00 PM Are you on the bus???

–[L] 02:15 PM Congestion on roads due to Easter. Stil at airport BRS. Keep you informed.

–[L] 02:26 PM Mary. Leaving airport now. Arrival over 1 hour.

–[M] 03:13 PM How is it going?

–[L] 03:15 PM 15 miles.

–[L] 03:16 PM Sorry. 7 miles.

–[M] 03:18 PM Leaving house now. XXX

–[L] 03:26 PM We arrived Blackbrook Taunton


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