Scientists: Nijmegen defense tower is Disneyland in Valkhofpark

The possible rebuilding of a dungeon, a 50 meter high medieval tower in the Valkhofpark Nijmegen causes a stir in the city. Hundreds of people have already signed up for a demonstration next Saturday against the construction of the tower in the heavily protected Valkhofpark. Scientists speak of a “fake construction”, “Disneyland” and “heritage flu”. Some political parties are calling for a new referendum on the desirability of rebuilding.

The rebuilding of the tower is since 2006 in Nijmegen on the agenda. In that year, once held a referendum on the keep with the elections. A year earlier Nijmegen was temporarily rebuild the tower of scaffolding and tarpaulins which was a success. A majority of residents voted for rebuilding.

Heineken and Sligro
Reported this week after ten years of negotiations, an investor who wishes to operate the tower with brewer Heineken and wholesaler Sligro as tenants. The developer wants exhibition space, a lounge restaurant and bed and breakfast. The tower should be ready in 2019.

National monument
The community seems prepared to issue a building permit for reconstruction. In 2006 warned the National Cultural Heritage and the Ministry of Culture which rebuilding is contrary to the cultural and historical significance of the Valkhofpark. Both the park, the soil full of archaeological remains and the views have protected status. The Valkhof as a whole is a national monument.

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