0197-Summer Savings Time

2017/03/25 – Tonight the summertime starts, but why? And how long?

Next night we set an hour ahead the clock to 2:00 am and will thus summer time. But why? There is still much to do to change this time. Where does the adjustment come from? And what are the advantages and disadvantages? Five questions about the Summer Savings Time.
1. Since when daylight saving time exist?
The first person who talked about the introduction of summer time was the New Zealand George Vernon Hudson. He proposed to advance the clock two hours, in order to adjust the time to the rhythm of man. It was not until 1916, during World War I before being actually implemented. The German Empire then allowed him. Germany thus had the first, after the Netherlands and England followed.

2. Why summertime exist?
Because the war was expensive, Germany devised a plan to save coal. The clock moves ahead one hour, there were less need coal. In 1946 this measure was reversed, but in 1977 the global oil crisis made sure he was readjusted. Even then the reason was energy.


3. Are there any other advantages?
Various studies have shown that in addition to the energy savings there are also other advantages of summertime. For example, the crime would decrease the longer light period at night, would be fewer deaths if we maintain it during winter and would promote tourism. Partly because people stay longer sit on terraces. For the supporters enough reason to keep him.

4. Is the Summer Savings Time worldwide?
No, not all countries participate in the summertime. Thus, the clock remains in countries including China and Russia untouched, while moving forward on Australia Lord Howe Island pointers just half an hour. The date is different when the clock may be put forward.


5. Why is there so much criticism?
The No camp is based on studies that show the dark side of the Summer Savings Time. He would have negative effects on the health, because it disrupts the biorhythm and thus indirectly gives more prone to heart attacks and strokes. He also takes care of missed appointments and confusion, because often it is unclear whether the clock forward now or should reverse. As far as the action group Stop the Summer Savings Time, the night will also be the last time we move the clock. This past Monday handed a petition to put an end to the summer time. The European Commission is currently reviewing its effectiveness.

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