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Green left vs. green right: what is the difference?

It seems the first option that will be explored seriously: a ‘green right’ collaboration between VVD (Freedom and Democracy), CDA (Christian Democrats), D66 (Democrats 1966) and GroenLinks (Green). Best sense, because that term Rutte almost 10 years ago launched. However, there are fundamental differences between the two movements.

1. Green right, it may be that sounds familiar?
Certainly. In the summer of 2008 thought Mark Rutte, then leader of the VVD, the green on the right to be the new direction of his party. He showed himself as inspired by the American conservative politician Arnold Schwarzenegger as governor of California who made groundbreaking commitments to encourage companies to produce cleaner. In this way, wanted Rutte also greener: by stimulating innovative industries with subsidies for example. He wrote his plans in the seven-page ‘Pamphlet by an optimist “- as though Rutte was optimistic. Of that new direction, moreover, little came, partly because of the fierce internal criticism from liberals who were not fit with the right image of the party. The pamphlet has now been completely untraceable on the VVD website. But now there are voices to the green right-wing agenda just to dig up. VVD celebrities Ed Nijpels and Frank de Grave, have already called for that purpose. Rutte himself made on Monday to date, after his conversation with called scout Schippers ‘energy’ as one of its four main subjects for his VVD. To the delight of Nijpels: ,,That in itself was more than I do the entire election campaign on this issue have heard of him.”

2. What is the difference between green right and green left?

Green according to Mark Rutte is especially money with innovation and clean energy. It makes no sense to persuade people to live more environmentally friendly. He wrote also to oppose taxing polluting behavior. Sustainability needs to be tackled at source, by encouraging companies to make clean products. Green claimed Jesse Klaver contrast, before a higher tax on packaging and pollution, both for individuals and businesses. Who pollutes, pays. Professor of environmental policy and Pieter Leroy sums this up: green right is convinced that environmental problems will be solved by the same market through a better organized free market and that can be easily combined economic growth with environmental friendliness. Green Left finds the failure of the market in such a way that public companies must make to be more environmentally friendly. Which flow occurs economy and ecology incompatible with each other: every euro you spend on the economy, at the expense of the ecology.

3. What is the environmental impact of green right and green left?

Both are partly right, says Professor Leroy, affiliated with the Radboud University Nijmegen. ,,You can improve a lot with energy saving, new technology and market momentum.” According to Leroy can not all be solved by the market. ,,If you hit’re talking about energy, you need a guiding government.” He points out that the Netherlands lagged behind and at risk in 2015 has been agreed in the climate agreement in Paris which our country is even further behind. It surprised him that it played no role in the campaign. ,,If the Netherlands wants to meet them, there must now be heavily invested in.” Ed Nijpels ‘guardian’ of the energy agreement, shares this view. ,,Whoever will govern: Paris is not a free choice, it must be removed.”

4. Such cooperation does that happen?

This should prove to any serious attempt formation. The VVD stresses that they can perform without GroenLinks environment. The GroenLinks youth of Cross (DWARS) would all prefer not to Klaver right helps a majority. This GroenLinks is in a dilemma between what is good for the country and what is good for the party. More Geren with Rutte Indeed, earlier in the CDA and PvdA led to an electoral beating. ,,GroenLinks should ensure that they do not disappear in the Bermuda Triangle of the coalition,” said Nijpels ,,Or better still. End up like a praying mantis that after mating, the head bitten off” On the other hand Shamrock himself in the election campaign repeatedly stresses that his generation is the first to begin to feel the effects of climate change and the last who can do something about it. Nijpels therefore still hopes that the Green is talking seriously with the formation. ,,Of all the Green parties have the strongest climate agenda. Thus they have always firmly beaten the drum. They must also sit ” As Klaver yesterday himself said. The differences with the VVD his mega big, but ,,eventually you campaigners to ensure that you can put your ideals into practice, which is a lot. easier if you are in the cabinet.”

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