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Elections: results in seats – 2The VVD seems to get considerable advantage in the elections due to the diplomatic row with Turkey. In the final poll of I & O Research the party now rises from 24 to 27 seats. That virtual profit These include the expense of the PVV Geert Wilders falls from 20 to 16 seats in the poll. GroenLinks and D66 (two seats increases) go with 20 seats across the Freedom Party, the Christian Democrats with 19 seats as well. The poll is not a prediction of the outcome, but indicates that the trend continues to climb the VVD and the PVV drops. That turned out rather well in other polls. According to I & O that effect enhanced by the argument with the Turkish government, which VVD leader Mark Rutte and acting, thinking I & O.

Decidedly – According to researcher Peter Kanne conflict may even be decisive for the outcome of the Lower House election. ,,In the notes that give voters amply clear that they very much appreciate the occurrence of Rutte in this matter. We see clearly again. Rutte is therefore truly the premier bonus to collect.” Almost all voters have inherited something of this conflict and those who have informed the content well vote more often for the VVD average, says I & O. More than eight in ten voters find it appropriate that the Dutch Government did not speak Turkish ministers in the Netherlands. More than nine out of ten find, as the Cabinet, that the Netherlands should not ‘succumb’ to the Turkish threat of sanctions.

Support – 04Especially VVD and PVV voters think this, but among voters of all parties, there is support for the actions of Mark Rutte. The poll shows that Rutte enjoys very strong support: a whopping 62 percent called the VVD leader as a politician who is valued in its action around the Dutch-Turkish conflict. Also, 59 percent of PVV voters appreciate his performance. Also receive Foreign Minister Bert Koenders (27 percent) and Deputy Prime Minister and Labour leader Lodewijk Asscher (24 percent) appreciate their involvement. For the Labour Party, however, pay it no matter seat gain for the VVD clearly does. Geert Wilders gets 10 percent appreciation of most other voters. Among his supporters is of course still higher: 64 percent rate his performance.

Undemocratically – In other respects, half of the Turkish Dutch voters that the Dutch government “has exceeded its powers” with stopping and expulsion of the Turkish ministers. Also found half of the Turkish-Dutch voters that the Dutch government “not democra-tic” acted by sending away the Turkish ministers, while on average, only one in ten voters will find it. Kanne: ,,As the next prime minister should really do something with it, because that group of Turkish Dutch stand in this matter really diametrically opposed to the rest. That sentiment may DENK also perhaps give a little push, though it remains difficult to assess.”

Explanetion of abbreviations:

  • DENK: Party for Turkish-Dutch people (mostly pro-Erdogan).
  • VVD: Party for Freedom and Democracy (right wing).
  • PVV: Party for Freedom (anti-Islam, anti-immigration, right wing).
  • PvdA: Labour (left wing).
  • GroenLinks: (Green, left wing).
  • D66: Democrats 1966 (middle-left wing).

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