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D66 holds key

Alexander PechtoldThe Dutch Financial Times  also doubts whether Labour will make up the majority for the next cabinet. Neither does it fancy the chances of GroenLinks, although it would give Rutte III a comfortable majority. ‘The VVD and CDA abhore the extreme greening agenda and fairer distribution of wealth with which GroenLinks’ Jesse Klaver has used to try to glue together the shards of the broken left and have said so. And would Klaver himself want to swallowed by Rutte’s political Bermuda triangle, like Asscher before him?’, the paper asks. GroenLinks, with 14 seats, would be hopelessly outnumbered by VVD and CDA, with a combined 52 seats, turning any compromise into a ‘capitulation’, the FD writes. However, the key to a cabinet which includes GroenLinks may very well lie with D66, the FD argues.  With GroenLinks in the coalition the D66 will have support for their education policy. Both parties want to spend an extra €3m to €4m while VVD and CDA want to freeze education spending. They would also find each other in matters to do with environment, although the ChristenUnie would also be on their side, albeit with fewer MPs,’ the FD writes. New player The NRC looks into the rise of Thierry Baudet whose Forum for Democracy won two seats in parliament and is the only of the new parties to win enough support from a base of zero. The paper delved into the support Baudet has from the co-called ‘alt-right’, an American extreme right-wing movement whose activities are internet-based and whose following in the Netherlands, according to the NRC, consists of ‘a relatively small group of people on the internet who adhere to a variety of ideas, from libertarian to extremely right wing.

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