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Dutch election aftermath: coalition options and the influence of alt-right

edithAs the dust settles on the election results, the Dutch papers have been looking to the future and pondering what sort of cabinet the Netherlands is likely to get. Trouw in its editorial says Edith Schippers, the health minister who has been charged with sounding out potential coalitions, will be looking for a stable majority cabinet. But this might prove too difficult and a minority cabinet might be the answer. The VVD, D66 and CDA combo jessedoes not inspire much confidence when it comes to intensifying measures to protect the environment and the transition to renewable energy sources, says Trouw. But although the need for the support of ChristenUnie or GroenLinks – Trouw dismisses Labour which must join the opposition and ‘ponder its future relevance’- is a ‘small beacon of hope’ these issues are among a host of issues the parties won’t see eye to eye about. That is why Schippers must also investigate the possibilities for a minority cabinet. ‘Most politicians don’t like the idea but they are wrong. Minority governments can be effective and successful, as Rutte II showed. The only condition is that the parties want to collaborate and not strive to trip up the cabinet to force new elections,’ the paper writes.

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