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Afbeeldingsresultaat voor jesse klaver

Why the turnout was so high? Who voted Labour? And where does the profit of the Green? Election research Ipsos examined this week the voters streams. We put three notable findings from the research for you in a row.Middle class was massively vote, young people did not. With a turnout of 80.4% matched the rise in 2006. The last time the turnout was higher was in 1989. And for the first time voted more than ten million people.If you look at education level and age, it seems that it is mainly the middle class that caused the high turnout. They were namely especially through middle education and voters between 25 and 49 who have gone in comparison with 2012 more to the polls. With low education, there was hardly any growth. Among young people under 24 there was even a decrease of 77% to 67%. The differences in attendance were huge this year. The low-skilled 18-34 year jesseolds voted Wednesday only 48%. With highly skilled peers was the turnout 85%. Elderly voted smaller difference. The low-skilled people over 55 voted 82%. Of highly educated people aged over 55 was 95% in the polls. Labour has become older party and remained in the north of the country. In 2012 the Labour Party rank and was a reasonable reflection of society. Now the party is thrown back at her core she has become quite gray: 44% of the voters are over 65, compared to only 20% in 2012. Under-65s is the Labour Party after the VVD (Freedom & Demogracy) and CDA (Christian Democracy) the third party in the Netherlands. Except that he’s older, the average Labour voter is better educated than in 2012. But an elite party, the PvdA is not. The percentage of highly educated (44%) is still lower than D66 (Democrats 1966) (58%), Green (55%) and the VVD (48%). Highly educated women chose Jesse Klaver, Green voters was the former PvdA voter. The Green profits seems partly due to women. Was in 2012, yet 48% of Green voters woman, in 2017 was 62%. In particular, the popularity of Green among highly educated women is striking. 36% of voters. Green is 19% for a highly educated man. There is no party where difference is so big. Green owes its profits, in particular to former Labour voters. Nearly half of the voters of Green voted in 2012 the Labour Party. Only 10 percent came from right-wing parties, and a further 13 percent of people who did not vote in 2012.

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