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Jesse Klaver is the Dutch Trudeau


International media fall over since the elections on Wednesday over each other to draw comparisons between Jesse Klaver (GroenLinks) and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Not only are they both progressive, they also seem once more as two drops of each other, thus including The Daily Mail, Mashable and Time. ,,Forget Justin Trudeau, the Dutch politician will win the heart of the Internet”, headlines Mashable. The online magazines write about the ‘historic victory’. Green (GroenLinks) headed by Jesse Klaver and political similarities between the two men. They fight both for the rights of refugees and against populism from the right. Also on Twitter go photos of Klaver and Trudeau side by side around while people wonder whether the two coincidentally related. Even their casual clothing during meetings with voters – a shirt with the top buttons open – agreed. Since Klaver with his 30 year fifteen years younger than the 45-year-old Trudeau is mostly joked about him as a ‘younger brother’ of the Canadian politician. In an interview responded Klaver already on the equation: ,,I am very envious of the muscles of Justin Trudeau, because I’m not nearly as muscular as he”, he joked. Trudeau among other loves boxing and yoga..

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