0219/Politics & politicians

Elections debate Mark Rutte (Freedom & Democracy) vs Geert Wilders (Party for Freedom)

Prime Minister Mark Rutte and his main challenger Geert Wilders took it tonight against one another during the EenVandaag debate. It was the first lijsttrekkersdebat which the PVV leader playing. Meanwhile, the campaign runs at full speed. Nothing wrong with our election blog.

06:47 pm: Wilders: ,,What should we do Mr. Rutte to guard the borders is not to agree with Erdogan,” Rutte repeatedly asks: ,,How?”. There Wilders has a clear answer: ,,By closing the Dutch border” Rutte:.”Huh?”. Wilders ,,Huh. Close the border “!  Nonsense, says Rutte. ,,You gros decorates in nepoplossingen.”
06:49 pm: ,,You will see that the deal with Turkey is very dangerous,”, Wilders continues ,,You need to push a button and they come back To close deals with terrorists?”
06:49 pm: ,,We now come to the heart of the matter”, says Rutte ,,There is a population increase in Africa, we must ensure that they get into boats to Europe why we must make arrangements Closing the border…. is a fake solution. You have to solve the problems far from the border. Both terrorism and the flow of immigration.”
06:50 pm: Wilders: ,,There is no Koran Police” Rutte has directly from:. ,,Oh, there will be no Quran Police It’s just a fake promise If someone uses Islam to justify a terrorist act, you have the entire state.. against you.”
06:53 am: Again, it is about the prime minister’s residence: Rutte: Wilders has said to his face that he was angry about it.  ,,With such a party, Mr. Wilders, I do not co-operate. Not in a cabinet, not a tolerated construction. Not now, not ever.” Wilders: ,,That would be an insult to the voters. I tell you, you want to win a quarterfinal against the populists. I play a final against the giveaway.”

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