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Dutch Green Party (Groen Links) leader Jesse Klaver attends a campaign rally in Amsterdam on March 9, 2017. The Dutch parliamentary elections are set to take place on March 15. / AFP PHOTO / EMMANUEL DUNAND

That said, the Green Left party leader this morning in the NOS Radio 1 News. He is referring to the climate targets of Paris, he is concerned to achieve. ,,We are sure to achieve the climate goals of Paris, therefore the burden on polluting business must be increased, agriculture are biological needs, and there should be a toll”, said Klaver. ,,The measures how to reach you can discuss.” Klaver would like a left government, but excludes only co-operation with the PVV. They exclude groups of people, and we do not want that. “I want to have my Netherlands back”, I would like to say to Geert Wilders, says Klaver.

Seldom there were so many visitors at a campaign rally. Jesse Klaver finished his tour of concert halls into the former Heineken Music Hall with five thousand “fans”. What makes Green Left so sexy? Vote strategically on me, was the message of GroenLinks leader Jesse Klaver tonight. All left-wing voters should establish a central government preventing VVD, CDA and D66. ,,They want to hold on to the status quo. We want change”, Klaver said in a full Afas Live, the former Heineken Music Hall. To allow a government ‘left’, one left-wing party to become the biggest and Klaver trusts that it is his party. ,,Make us strong. Make us more.” His appeal was heard this evening by five thousand people and 4,500 people followed the live stream simultaneously. In previous meetings, party disguised as a rock concert in pop temple stood the girls in line for a selfie with the GroenLinks leader. ,,That is also the campaign director of GroenLinks. Jesse Klaver presents itself as idol”, said Ipsos researcher Jeroen Kester.

Yet there is hardly any difference between men and women supporters, he sees in his data. The largest group of “fans” is not in the age group 18-24, but in those aged 25-34. The older generation, fifties, are due to the young age of Klaver often skeptical of the youngest among the party leaders. Data from Ipsos shows that GroenLinks the most benefits from the decline of the Labour Party. Kester: ,,The energy Diederik Samson had in 2012, Klaver has now. “But the potential GroenLinks voters are not very sure of himself. ,,Our research shows that the preference for the Green is the least fixed. That is also because some of the new recruits of the Labour Party comes. They nevertheless still doubt, maybe wait until the Labour Party is going to do something that they can return to the Social Democrats.” On May 12, 2015 Klaver came (now 30) at the helm of the Greens. The architect of that leadership changeover was the ‘old’ leader Bram van Ojik. He met Klaver for the first time in a café in Utrecht, in 2008. Of Ojik then worked on the new manifesto of GroenLinks. GroenLinks youth organization CROSS, where Klaver then chaired, had its own version. ,,Jesse wanted to hand over to me. It was a charismatic boy with a passionate story. I do not want canonize, but the fact that this meeting me is still as sharp mind, says enough. “Years later, Van Ojik saw Klaver back in the House. ,,I saw that he was a dossiervreter: tax planning, education, pensions.” About Klaver’s young age of Ojik never had doubts. ,,Great talents should not keep you too long on the bench. Cruyff was on his 29th already passed its peak. “More important from Ojik found that the Green with Klaver would be ready for the future. ,,We still have to redeem it on March 15, but the polls show good figures.” Because from the moment Klaver took over from Van Ojik began the ailing party on the rise in the polls. ,,Although he was not exactly booming”, says Ipsos researcher Jeroen Kester. Initially, the effect was small, from 5 to 8 seats. But over time it grew. Currently GroenLinks is in the Bearing Pointer, the average of six polls including that of Ipsos, 15 to 17 seats. Logically, the party beams itself: ,,Jesse is the right man at the right time with the right message”, that articulates campaign manager Wijnand Duyvendak likes it. There’s some truth in, confirms researcher Kester: ,,The message of the Green is durable, European and focused on the future. The profile of Clover fits exactly with those topics. He is young and fresh, will present the Green supporters. That fills to each other.”

Inspired by Jesse
We talked prior to the event with several visitors. What attracts so to them?

  • ,,I’m here with my parents, sister and friends, because I still doubt among the Party for the Animals and Green”, said Lena Hartog (25) from Amsterdam. ,,I think I’m now convinced by Jesse. This is still a historic night, especially by the movement continues to grow. it gives so much energy. I think the Green after the elections can make a difference.”
  • Farshad Rasa (23) from Venlo, says: ,,I’ve never been at a political meeting, but I’m the last few months, inspired by Jesse. That’s because the positions – that education could be better, for instance – but also because of his personality. I come from Afghanistan and I try not to watch, but his half-Moroccan origin also plays a role. I think he is therefore more reliable.”
  • ,,Why am I here? In one word: inspiration”, let know Marianne van der Silk (52) from Enkhuizen. ,,This is because of the positive way in which the Green campaigner Jesse therewith so speaks not only to the young people I have become GroenLinks member through him… – I used to be a member of D66 But the party do not bind the youth I wanted to be like tonight are all these people with the same ideas as me … That gives a sense of reward “…

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