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2017/03/09 – “Thierry Baudet will finish the job of Pim Fortuyn”

The new party Forum for Democracy emerges suddenly in the polls, with 1 or 2 seats. Supporters see party leader Thierry Baudet as a new Pim Fortuyn.
A day on campaign.
It rains in Venlo. Thierry Baudet (34) hopes to win the city for themselves – not coincidentally because Geert Wilders comes from Venlo – but there is no dog on the street. Baudet and his young volunteers keep their spirits up. ,,I’m so glad it’s raining, or I would have to distribute flyers throughout the day”, quips Baudet. Opponents see in him a narcissist, a vanity. Of confidence Baudet therefore has no defect. He calls himself “the most important intellectual of the Netherlands.” “When I hear Jesse Klaver talk, I hear emptiness. I actually ideas and actually learned.”

Like peer Klaver Baudet has many female fans. ,,Can I have your picture?” asks Sandra de Boer with her girlfriend. With a smiling face and the hand on the shoulder Baudet posing with the lady of 52. She does not know who they should vote, but this newcomer is definitely a chance. ,,He struck me immediately on TV. His looks eh. And that name remember you.” She’s not the only middle-aged woman who charmed Baudet. Handsome man ,,Huh. I get it warm”, laughs Loppan Struving (61) from Weert.

Pim Fortuyn
Supporters see in him a new Pim Fortuyn. An intellectual who studied history and law and wrote nine books and knows what needs the Netherlands. His main points: binding referendums, leave the European Union to stop “mass immigration” and Muslims to sign for Dutch values such as equality between men and women. Geert Wilders wants more or less well, but it says so rudely, find Forum Trailers. And he has no feasible solutions, Thierry did. ,,He will finish the job of Pim Fortuyn”, there’s Marko Corbee from Amersfoort firmly convinced. Corbee is the driver of Baudet and rides him three or four times a week, the country where Baudet venues speaks. His message attracts many students and entrepreneurs. For the party work smart people with good jobs. A cameraman records everything what Baudet and put short videos of them on Facebook. Forum is the most active of all parties. The Limburg tour continues. The vans Forum, plastered with posters of Baudet and number two criminal lawyer Theo Hiddema, drive to Roermond. In a packed bar Baudet used big words. There is “an attack” on going “our nation state” by the “perfidious elite”. He combines deep distrust of politicians Hague with conspiracy theories and doomsday thoughts about the demise of the Dutch culture. He verluchtigt it always with a twist. If someone asks what time is: ,,It is five to twelve people!” Nodding approvingly as Baudet says the economy has grown mainly because there had to be extra beds for migrants. Or if he claims that the Netherlands has an extremely high crime rate. ,,He says it with charm and flair. That fascinates me”, says listener Elmer Schouten (61). He does not know or is his voice to Baudet, but feels it addressed. ,,Rampant immigration affects our culture. If you say that, you will be dismissed as racist.” That the son of a pianist and psychologist himself an elitist background, he sees as an advantage in his fight against the elite. ,,I have years walking around, I know exactly how I should address.”

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