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Hard clash between left and right during Carré debate


The Carré debate tonight gave a hard clash between left and right sides of the AOW, the excess in healthcare and the Dutch identity. The party leaders had a lot of pressure, as can be seen ten days before the elections of March 15 little movement in the polls. It is expected there will be a result of this debate can be seen little movement in the polls. The parties’ leading candidates were all charged and sharp. There were hard content clashes, which were not really personal. Because the parties constructive party leaders know they must negotiate after March 15 on a cabinet. D66 leader Pechtold was the renewed candidacy of Rutte for a third premiership to. ,,Do not you think that the Netherlands being “Rutte-tired”.” Democrat took him to his credibility throughout Europe: ,,You behaves in the Netherlands as a PVV’er, but in Brussels as a D66’er. Please send only one D66 there.” Rutte said he has more experience than Pechtold and learned that “there are no perfect solutions.” ,,If I hear that you are not ready yet.”

CDA party leader Buma was left parties hard at: ,,The promise to bring the excess to zero, they know that it can not”. He had his sights focused on PvdA leader Lodewijk Asscher. ,,You reigned four years, each time increased the deductible. And now comes syringe eleven.” Asscher defended that it may be because the economy is doing better. The debate on the excess was mainly a series of harsh accusations over and over again without the other had to respond to the opportunity. As CDA leader accused Buma the Labour Party to remove the emergency in thirty area hospitals, where the party in its election manifesto that do not skimp. Or accused Labour leader Asscher D66 to raise the deductible for the chronically ill to 450 euros. PVV leader Geert Wilders, was not there, just like last week in the first TV debate. However, he has aired a television commercial for his party in advertising.

Neck and neck
It is the first television debate in which ten days before the election also participated VVD party leader Mark Rutte. The pressure was great because the VVD in the bearing pointer (the average of all the various polls) is neck and neck with the PVV of Geert Wilders. Rutte had to attack but his dream opponent missing Sunday night. The two sides are indeed the two big ones, but they remain a half weeks before the election fluctuate around 25 seats. The fact that they declined the premiership debate last Sunday, has ensured that CDA and D66 have risen in the polls and Rutte and Wilders now breathing down the neck.

The Bearing Pointer VVD remains the PVV just a zeteltje for. To be fought third place between CDA, D66 and Green Party. The Labour Party supports the SP in seventh place.

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