German wolf sets standards for Netherlands


The discovery of a dead wolf on the A28 yesterday morning does nature lovers rebounding from their seats. ,,It is the third year in a row that a wolf is signaled in the Netherlands. It is therefore not whether he will settle here again, but when.” Road inspector Bert Bontjer did yesterday morning what he does so often he went off on a report of a dead animal along the highway. That it turned out to be a wolf, he noticed only locally. ,,I immediately thought: this is not a dog. It was a beast, or about 50 kilos”, he says. ,,Still, I was not so impressed.” For many nature lovers it is different. Wolves Kenner Leo Linnartz is overjoyed with the fact that another wolf was spotted in the Netherlands. He says: ,,Three years ago, to see there were no wolves still here. This has now just started the third in three years and the year. So it is clearly increasing, which is nice to see.” That wolves return, has to deal with a changed attitude of man against the wolf, Linnartz explains. ,,They were once a threat to farmers, because the animals attacking their livestock. And so they were shot. Thus, they were gone over Europe around 1850. Nowadays there are more opportunities for farmers to protect themselves against wolves and, moreover, the government can come to the rescue. The threat is gone.”

w2To protect
It is therefore done much to facilitate the return of the wolf. Linnartz: ,,There is now done much more to protect them. In Germany the number of herds increased in recent years from 45 to 55. There is also very precisely track which couples where life. High probability that this wolf is coming from.” Ranger Andre Donker, who worked for years in South Drenthe, yet adds: ,,It is striking that the place where the wolf was hit, the very place where it was once planned for a wildlife crossing. That could have prevented that would have killed this animal. Too bad.” Donker is also excited about the return of the wolf: ,,It is a vital link in the ecosystem. The wolf hunting is excellent and just the animals that already some are weakened. He knows well is currently maintain in Poland and Germany, but sooner or later he will also settle. For me it is a matter of ten years.”

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