Vedder and Bruins support in Jinek the agriculture


Dutch farmers are world leaders in the field of sustainability. That message has Eline Vedder and Dirk Bruins on Friday night in the TV program Pauw & Jinek kept on Green Party leader Jesse Klaver. Vedder and Bruins, respectively farmer in Ruinerwold and Dwingeloo, sat in the audience during the broadcast that was devoted to the upcoming elections. They were reacting Eva Jinek the views of Klaver. Both made it clear that is in politics, including by the Green Party, often a negative picture of the farmers. “Green Party talks polarizes on agriculture. That hurts me”, says Vedder.

Passion for art and animals
She explained how much passion she has for her work and for her animals. “We make sure that our cows are happy with themselves and us good piece of earth can pass on to our children.” Klaver did not address the allegation of Vedder on the website of Greem Party a photo of a cattle battery, while the battery is prohibited in the Netherlands for years. However criticized the photo turned out Saturday to be removed. The leader of the Green Party acknowledged that the farmers get too bad price for their products. “We have to strengthen the position of farmers,” he said. At the same time, he said that his party is opposed to intensive farming. “We found that as many farmers have to be organic.”

Extremely durable
Bruins responded by noting that conventional agriculture in the Netherlands is extremely durable. “We are known as the best in the world. Pity our Dutch politicians do not see.”

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