Opinion polls

Gijs Rademaker, the nightmare of Dutch politicians


Gijs Rademaker is the face of the EenVandaag *] Opinion Panel **]. He presented the results of the opinion polls and report this. Gijs Rademaker (1978) is a historian and journalist. He was born in Nimwegen and studied history and journalism at the University of Groningen. Before he started as a copy editor in 2004 EenVandaag *] he worked for the news program Netwerk ***]. From the establishment of the EenVandaag *] Opinion Panel **] (November 2004) he was involved in compiling and processing of opinion polls for broadcasting EenVandaag *].

*] EenVandaag (TV1 Today) is on Dutch NOP1 (TV1 channel) from Monday to Friday straigt after the News of 6PM. The program is in high regard, by TV spectators and the people involved by the issues.

**] Opinion Panel: about 16,000 Dutch people, from high to low in society, from ultra left to ultra right in poitical stature, get polls by email concerning a variety of actual public problems. I am myself a member of the panel. To participate anyone can apply. The only must is a starters profile about your last political vote, family income, household members. So the polls can be send to a specific group or all the members.

***] Netwerk (Network TV 1) was the predecessor program of EenVandaag. But it worked only with journalists and not with a public forum.

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