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Jesse Klaver significantly tested during the first televised debate


After a cautious start on the radio, forced the party leaders of Christian Democrats (CDA), Democrats 1966 (D66), Green party (Groen Links), Labour (PvdA) and Socialists (SP) each other during the big RTL TV4-election debate to follow suit. Especially GroenLinks leader Jesse Klaver was tested significantly. He wanted to -other than it does occur frequently- not rule out a cabinet with the VVD. Jesse Klaver tried his rival Lodewijk Asscher (Labour) Friday yet to make move away from the Freedom & Democracy, he himself would have none of it. Because it was still early Klaver Friday a handshake Asscher on a debate on Radio1 to keep the VVD outside an upcoming cabinet. To Emile Roemer (SP) Klaver forced to the same question. ,,The PvdA I heard tell beautiful stories progressive, but then they went down well with the VVD in the Cabinet. I hear you complain that since the last elections, the VVD lap sat down, but later you do the same.” Klaver parried with difficulty: ,,I do not exclude the VVD, because I then make a promise I can not keep” Roemer measured: ,,That is clear.”

The debate beforehand seemed a little to the debate-of-the-rest, flawed given the absence of Extreme Right Party for Freedom (PVV) leader Geert Wilders and the VVD leader Mark Rutte, the two largest parties in the polls. Who let go sulking default, when RTL decided to expand the number of participants. But the absence of the two largest parties on the right, made the debate participants no less important. Certainly Jesse Klaver (Groen Links), Sybrand Buma (CDA) and Alexander Pechtold (D66) avoided each other not much in the polls. They make all no secret that they want Rutte driven from the Prime Minister’s office. Simultaneously Roemer and Asscher trying to hang on. The last scrambles in the latest polls even slightly up. So there must be profiled, for example by Sybrand Buma which positions the lack of Wilders and Rutte as respectable alternative. In terms of asylum: ,,We can not continue to absorb more and more refugees, even if we wanted to. Our country comes under too much pressure, people rightly complain about.” Of Immigration: ,,I think Islam is no enrichment of our society.” Above all party leaders try to show themselves worthy of prime minister. Asscher acted as a conciliator, and said “everyone should overrule his own views.” By behaving in quiet tone to speak, he managed to force the rest sometimes in the role of listener. Even in a direct debate with Buma he wanted to have ‘our agreements’. ,,I’m looking for connection, The Netherlands does not want politicians who tell each other what they have done wrong.” Buma, sighing: ,,Netherlands is more divided than ever.”

Pechtold also trying to seize that role, as ‘responsible leader’. As he Buma complains that the CDA four years not ‘home made’ then had to cut the cabinet and would not support measures which Buma. ,,When you got out you were not there. We took this responsibility”, called  Buma: ,,I am proud that we are not in that backroom helped the government, because that’s were great which measures not supported you.” So there is here and there are still voters have to steal from each other. Jesse Klaver therefore went straight into debate with Pechtold. Opinion polls show that many voters doubt between these two parties. Pechtold accused the Groen Links leader precisely that misleads voters. ,,You purchase the excess off, but let those people still pay in a different way by introducing seven new taxes.”

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