Lelystad Airport

2017/02/18 – Lelystad Airport

From April 1, 2019 holiday flights can leave from Lelystad Airport. Hence the delay of the expansion of the airport is limited to one year. That State Secretary ll1Sharon Dijksma (Infrastructure and Environment) today let the House know. The delay arose because a new classification of departure and approach routes at higher altitudes in the busy Dutch airspace was more complicated than expected. The new schedule has made Air Netherlands this is according Dijksma feasible and realistic. To minimize the impact of the slowdown there is an investication if the number of takeoffs and landings in the first year can increase. This summer there should be clarity. Originally the intention to start with 2,000 flight movements on April 1, 2018.
At Lelystad Airport are also aircraft companie located. Dijksma examines whether the airport can be authorized to see some additional maintenance flights (aircraft come only for maintenance) to receive each day. Possibly the airport opening hours be extended for this purpose. The additional maintenance flights can provide additional employment. The airport should take over the short and medium flights from Schiphol. The national airport will focus on intercontinental flights and switchers. Ultimately must make up to 45,000 aircraft movements and 6.7 million passengers in 2043. The Schiphol Group owns Lelystad Airport.



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