Vladimir Putin has messed up the travel plans of tens Dutch. The decision of the Russian president to close the border with Belarus to residents of third countries was to tour operator OAD reason to remove a new group from the program. OAD director Arjan Koster says he had no choice. ,,We do not want to risk losing an entire bus travelers is established in Belarus.” Travelers who had already booked the trip, offered an alternative or else receive their money back. The “Discovering oadEastern Europe and Russia” was in 2017 twice on the program. Travelers would be brought into Russia by bus from Zeddam through Germa-ny, Poland and Belarus, then to return to the Netherlands by plane. The border blockade Putin, at the site Krasnaya Gorka, meets with incomprehension in the EU. The measure dates back to the autumn. ,,Our citizens are forced to take long detours through neighboring countries”, said Commissioner abroad Federica Mogherini earlier. They suggested not to rest until the blockade is lifted. Russia says it is working on a solution, but according Mogherini can not give a good explanation for the fact that Europeans are stopped. To our knowledge there are no other Dutch travel organizations affected. ,,We are the only ones offering a journey that crosses this border country”, says Koster. ,,Why it is so unfortunate for our travelers. Who booked this trip because it really would be an exclusive experience.”

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