Earning money-NL

Earn money while you wait for train

Just a quick few bucks extra money online by performing a small task, while you’re on the train or waiting for an appointment. That is the idea of ‘microjobbing. Timing employment agency introduces the concept in the Netherlands with their new platform Ask & Task. Companies can disable commands, where the ‘taskers then respond again. It is mainly to do work that can not be done by a computer. As the adoption of a new collection for a shop, or entering data on a receipt can not read a computer. In any case, jobs that only take a few minutes, where a small compensation.


Two thousand entries

That many people like music to the ears is shown by the two thousand submissions that poured in recent days. So far, mostly students and people on benefits enrolled. Similarly, the 21-year-old Ismail from Amsterdam. It seems to him an easy way to earn some extra money. ,,It’s not rich, yet delivers extra money that you can save up nicely,” he says. ,,I mainly participated in investigations. It took three to five minutes in which to complete and deliver fifty cents to two euros.” Director of marketing and innovation for Timing, Wiecher Hakse, it ‘microjobbing’ copied from businesses in America and appears to be the first who – brings to the Netherlands – pure focus on online. He wants thus to anticipate the changes in the labor market. ,, The influence of the Internet, the traditional staffing model is outdated over time. While people have always wanted to work more and more flexible, “he explains. But finding companies that run hot before, still appears to be a thorny issue. ,, The concept is still relatively unknown in the Netherlands. Companies do not really know what they can do ” it, Hakse explains. ,, It’s more than just a means of inquiry, which is often thought now. This allows all kinds of individual tasks and projects are carried out relatively quickly and cheaply. “In the hope and demand that attract more right, approaching employees Timing now actively firms.

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