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2017/01/21 – Klaas Dijkhoff, Secretary of State for Security and Justice

klaas1Klaas Henricus Dominicus Maria Dijkhoff was born on 13 January 1981 in the town of Soltau in Germany. He is the son of officer Henricus Marikus Cornelis Dijkhoff and nurse Petronella Dominicus Maria Thijssen. He is a Dutch politician and legal scholar. He went to secondary school in Eindhoven, where he did the gymnasium program. He studied Dutch law at Tilburg University and graduated his research master cum laude. He obtained his Ph.D. with his dissertation titled Law, War and Technology in 2010. While writing his thesis he worked as a legal scholar at Tilburg University and Inholland University of Applied Sciences. He also had his own consultancy firm specialized in legal affairs and IT. Dijkhoff became a member of the VVD in 1998. He held several positions within the party such as member of the election program committee in 2009–2010 and from 11 March 2010 until 7 February 2013 he was a member as well as VVD fraction leader of the municipal council of Breda. He is the State Secretary for Security and Justice since 20 March 2015. Previously, he was a member of the House of Representatives of the Netherlands (2010–2015) for the People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD). His focus was on matters of security, public safety, and police affairs. On 17 June 2010, he was elected as a Member of Parliament. In klaas22013, Dijkhoff got appointed national cam-paign leader for the municipal council elec-tions of March 2014. He first became the party’s spokesperson on develop-ment aid. He booked his biggest success in stopping subsidies to development organisa-tions with a chairman earning more than €124,000.00 a year. Later on he became the spokesperson on European affairs. Then he was the VVD spokesperson on matters of homeland security, public safety and police affairs. Dijkhoff successfully managed to pass two motions in the House of Representatives in the battle against Jihad fighters. His motions called upon the cabinet to stop free travel to conflict zones and denationalisation of Jihad fighters. In 2013, he successfully passed legislation through parliament making identity fraud a punishable offence. He resigned on 20 March 2015, when he became State Secretary for Security and Justice in the Second Rutte cabinet.



Klaas Dijkhoff can call himself the next time The Smartest Person. The State Secretary of Security and Justice, made the entire season and was impressed to outsmart opponent in the final Hiske Versprille. In the final Dijkhoff was up  against Stefano Keizer and Hiske Versprille. Keizer fell off and therefore Versprille and Dijkhoff were shooting in the finals against each other. In it, the politician was far too strong for his opponent and he was crowned The Smartest Person. Secretary Klaas Dijkhoff was the first politician popular TV game The Smartest Man won. Except that Dijkhoff showed to dispose of much general knowledge, klaas4Netherlands also became acquainted with the humor of the VVD politician. With some regularity, he was juror Maarten van Rossem too quick with a quip. When presenter Philip Freriks asks him in an earlier episode that he has ever completed a triathlon, he replied mockingly: “No, but I once walked in the pouring rain with the bike on the hand and a flat tire.” Dijkhoff received the prize from the winner of the previous season, George van Houts. In his acceptance speech showed the Secretary of State of Security and Justice know that he is happy finally to have won a prize in a competition. That he was referring to the many questions about sport he had this season and always know that he himself has never been such a star in. Hiske Versprille had the chance to become the first female winner since The smartest man can be seen in the NPO (9 seasons).

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