2017/01/13 – Green wants to know whether licenses for DONJON are approved.


The licenses for the rebuilding of the donjon (defense tower) that once stood on the Valkhof, finally settled? That is the fraction of GroenLinks in the council Wednesday told the councilors Ben van Hees and Bert Velthuis. The group is asking not to because they are able to jump themselves to rebuilding the medieval tower. Green Left has always been opposed to the rebuilding. But Councillor Noel Vergunst is the long uncertainty surrounding the keep sick. The return of the tower stands a decade on the agenda. In June, showed the mayor and aldermen know that by 1 January of this year would be clarity about the keep. Vergunst therefore now wants the council to know how it is with those d2licenses. It is known already that the Foundation Donjon shortly before New Year submitted the official application for the rebuilding of the keep in Valkhofpark, with the municipality. But those documents have yet to be assessed by the Building and Housing Department and the Quality Committee. Vergunst therefore again fears delay has had enough of. He thinks Nijmegen must now give priority to the promised improvement of the park. There Nijmegen has already earmarked two million euros previously.

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