Nursing Lady Helen Mary, day 10

Note: all times are in GMT + 1 (Netherlands)


There is a time to say “goodbey”. And that day was there.  After all, Mary was released from the eye shield, and dripping her eye she could do herself.

  • 09.00am alarm on my phone; getting downstairs to make the groundfllor look daylight friendly, and making preparations for the last breakfast on English soil;

  • 10.00am going upstairs to wake Mary and drip her eye. her Kellogs were waiting downstairs;

  • Mary had insisted to do a second laundry for me, so packing was easy as nearly everything was clean;

  • Computer, cables, plugs, converters, toilet articles  and a lot of Xmas cards to be packed in the large computer case (cabin luggage;
  • 13.55pm Private hired car is there, 2 hours prior to departure of flight BE1533


At 15.25pm sharp embarkation starts;

16.00pm airborne.


16.34pm halfway over the English Channel;


Arrival estimated at 17:00pm + 15 minutes of taxing to the gate (H-section).

17.02pm touch-down at Amsterdam.

The first direct train to Nimwegen was at 18.01pm from Schiphol But due to works on the railnet lasting all the weekend till Monday 06.00am the train would go to Arnheim. From there by fast bus transfer to Nijmegen CS, where Pierre would be waiting.




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