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2016/12/10 – Upcoming General Elections: Wilders as popular in working-class neighborhood


Geert Wilders is still a hero in the Hague district Loosduinen. Since the judgment of the court not change. On the contrary, he seems still more popular than ever. The community center in Henneberg, a stone’s throw from the market square where he spoke almost three years ago for the first time “less Moroccans if possible”, the politician has the unconditional support of visitors.,, It is outrageous that he even prosecuted by the Public Prosecutor. Apparently you can not even say what you think in this country’, ‘ said visitor Marco van Dam (55) who settled here a cup coffee. ,,On the other hand works will soon be back in his favor in the elections. He is now a martyr and shall continue to be a winner.” Neeltje (55), a volunteer behind the bar, is stunned that the court believes that the is guilty of incitement to discrimination. “Okay ‘less fewer Moroccans expression’ was perhaps not so convenient formulated by him, but it just falls under freedom of expression. A great thing. In addition, if you ask me I say less. Everyone here I think. It is too crazy with all these foreigners in our country. We still have to be careful that we do not soon have to adapt to them. Wilders said at least what people think but do not dare say.” Neeltje say it indeed, but does not want her name in the newspaper. Fearing reprisals.

Not afraid
The 75-year-old Francine van den Berg, ‘billiards queen’ of the community center, is not afraid of that. “Put me with name and picture in the paper though. I am proud that I am PVV’er.” Born and raised in Loosduinen she proudly informs you that she is even on a picture with her big hero when he visited in 2014 to the market. ,,Of course Wilders gets my vote in March. He is right in everything he says. The government has us older people the money away and give it to the mess. My sister will not even eat decently in her nursing home and the refugees get everything here.” Franciens billiards teacher, who does not want his name in the newspaper because he was once a famous football player at Feyenoord, regrets that Geert not the ‘brains has Pim Fortuyn. ,,But he appoints at least have trouble. This week was the news that 63 percent of the cons of ethnic origin. That says something, right?”

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