Floating tree in Velp covered with hundreds of icicles


That is scaring! The students of the college green (VHL) in Velp. come up the schoolyard, they see hundreds of icicles hanging beneath the test tree by artist Daan van Geijlswijk and teacher Freek Rürup. The so-called degenerate tree, hanging in a steel construction on the school since July this year, the last few weeks had been repeatedly frozen roots. The project was started because VHL wants to know whether a tree can live without soil.

Trust – Lecturer and project supervisor Rürup assumes that the plane the cold nights, good footing. “I have absolute confidence that the tree next year, when leaves are formed, nothing makes brands. It’s a whopper. But we’ll see.”

Surprised – Actually, the tree had already must be winterized, with the roots in a bucket of sand, but that did not work. Rürup admits that his team was surprised by the recent severe frost. “We had the coldest November night in eighteen years,” he says. The watering of the roots was ongoing and that led, in combination with frost, to icing.

Sandbox – Next Thursday a container with sand is still placed around the root party. The basin is replaced by a stack of wooden pallets on which the container is coming. The sand must protect the roots from frost and wind chapped

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