HRH Harry & Miss Meghan-UK

Prince Harry is flying big detour in order to see Meghan – Prince Harry (32) made a detour to see his girlfriend Meghan Markle. Harry, who last week was in the Caribbean, would immediately fly back to London. According to a friend, however, he had no patience and he has at the last moment made a stopover in Toronto. This writes The Sun. The 35-year-old brunette is in the Canadian city for filming of the hit series Suits, in which she plays the lawyer Rachel Zane. According to the friend, Harry could no longer without Meghan and he wanted to see her per se. He flew no less than 2700 km to. ,,This is shows how crazy those two facing each other”, says the friend.It is now no secret that the two are a couple, but the British royals and American actress have not been spotted together. According to the insider, it is questionable how long Harry acquaintance still going to delay the public. ,,We have never seen so lucky him. He really bowled over by her.”


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