HM Máxima-NL

Scouts: Queen Máxima more exciting than Santa Claus


While most children today again quite nerve went to school after Saint Nicholas, four scouts from Amsterdam Major Bosshardt Scouting Group had also still plenty of shivers. At the working palace of the king and queen, Noordeinde were Roshendley (8), Jayla (8), Matteo (10) and Kevin (9) allowed to talk about their particular group, the youth of Amsterdam-Southeast along with the Salvation Army brings to scouting. Santa Claus was not exciting, because that’s every year, ” muses Roshendley. Matteo: ,, It was really scary.

Queen Máxima is patron of Scouting Netherlands. Once in a while she visits the scouts during one of their activities, but this morning they came to her, to explain three social projects. The collaboration with the Salvation Army was one of them. The Amsterdam scouts, outdoor children in a major city, the queen asked spontaneously questions. What they like best, for example: the beach, woods or hills? Máxima replied diplomatically: actually you can not say it in the Netherlands, but she loves hills, she is very happy in the woods and she loves to swim in the sea. So basically they’ll find it all beautiful.

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