Extra tunnel for toads in Overasselt


Overasselt – Toads can still safely cross the Donderbergweg in Overasselt next week. Under the road is an extra tunnel for amphibians. Toads, frogs and salamanders can so easily cross over to the water the river Waal of the community pond Craijenbergh.

Catch Buckets – Under the asphalt of Donderbergweg lies a number of amphibian tunnels. There are also screens that direct the animals toward trap buckets. During the toad migration in spring put volunteers of Red Toad the animals that end up in the buckets. That about 500 to 1,500 per year; mainly toads.

Bumps – The municipality Heumen lays next week at the request of the State Forest the new tunnel near the T-junction with the Loksheuvelseweg. At the same time the municipality removes the traffic locks on Donderbergweg, Parksesteeg and Blankenbergseweg. In place of the seven locks there will be four bumps.

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