Nursing Lady Helen Mary, day 1

The first day was a long one, with all kind of obstacles, but with a happy end. (The timeline is all in GMT):

09:58am – Departure train Nijmegen CS to Schiphol Airport (direct)

11:27am – Arrival Schiphol Airport

11:45am – Departures 3: Checking in was not possible as the airport of Exeter was closed due to heavy fog, and there are no instrument landing systems at the airport. Official boarding time was 12:10pm and  the departure time was 12:40pm.

All passengers booked over to Southampton flight, delay about 3,5 hours at Schiphol Airport plus a 1,5 hours bus transfer Southampton – Exeter Airport.

04:05pm  – Scheduled departure time from Schiphol

04:30pm  – Airborn

05:30pm – Arrival Southampton Airport. On the original  Exeter flight were only 29 passengers; however the transit from Southampton to Exeter was badly managed: 3 (small) touring cars needed!!!

06:15pm – Departure by bus all along the “Coastway” to Exeter, which took 2h45m.

09:00pm – Arrival at Exeter, where Derek Corkill, the driver who had collected Mary from Nuffield Hospital in Taunton, waited for me.

09:50pm – Arrival at Quince, North Curry.

A very happy Mary, still 2 hours to go on her 77th birthday! That was like old times on the cruise, to kill a bottle of Lanson Black. But as her eye shield was not very well applied in the hospital I had to fix that first. Then we had a happy 2 hours for the remaining celebrations and lay out Nurse Luke’s schedules for the remaining days. (The picture on the left is from the day after the night before, I must honestly say. The glasses had to be retrieved from the dishwasher, and the (empty) bottle was already at the bin.

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