Naked on the street-RU

Man at minus 12 degrees put naked on the street by girlfriend


2In the Russian city of Irkutsk is a man at minus 12 degrees Celsius naked on the streets driven by a female date. The two would have been a fight during a game sex in a guest house, and the woman hid his clothes and put him unceremoniously out the door. The numb to the bone man could, according to a hilarious movie, do nothing than something called the police who then brought in a heated car safety and to calm him. The wintry incident was filmed by an agent involved. The images can be heard calling the shivering man ‘help me, I can hardly feel my legs. ” What exactly happened in the guest house is not entirely clear. According to the man hit his date suddenly and became frightened. The identity of the naked victim is unknown. It is unclear how it goes with him.

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