Justin Trudeau-CA

Canadian Prime Minister arouses scorn with praise of Castro


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has got a lot comments and criticism for his tribute to Fidel Castro. Especially on social media arouse his warm words to the deceased Cuban leader scorn. The parodies tumble over each other. Trudeau emphasized in his reaction to the death of Castro the positives he saw in his life and work. He left to mention that Castro was notorious for making its violations of human rights and the silencing of political opponents. In his statement said Trudeau: “Fidel Castro was a leader who was larger than life and his people served more than half a century.” “Castro also cites a 2legendary revolutionary orator, which significantly improved the education and health care in his country.” While Trudeau also called controversial, he emphasized how recognize both supporters and opponents of his love for the Cuban people and constant affection expressed for ‘El Comandante’.

Trudeau also recalled the friendship between his father, Pierre Trudeau and Fidel Castro. Pierre Trudeau was twice prime minister of Canada. When he died in 2000, met his son Justin Fidel Castro at the funeral. Canadian Prime Minister concluded his statement with condolences for the “family, friends and supporters of Mr. Castro. We join with the people of Cuba in their grief over the loss of this extraordinary leader.”

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