Student housing

Rapid increase in number of rooms for students in Nijmegen


The growth of the number of rooms in private houses in Nijmegen seems to be no end. Since 2014, 111 licenses issued to convert a ‘normal’ house to a building with at least five rooms that are rented. This means that there is certainly an increase of 555 rooms from private pawnshop owners over the past three years.

Conversion into student rooms
This mainly takes place in Nijmegen East, central and Nijmegen West. According to figures from the Environment Department Region Nijmegen (ODRN), formerly Building and Housing Supervision. This year, even has the largest addition of merde relocated houses since 2014 (45 properties).

The figures are surprising. In the political debate in recent weeks about tackling nuisance room rentals suggested several council groups that the growth in the number of room properties decreases in the city. Nijmegen example would be more than enough room for students. Of housing shortage among them would not be any more, stated inter alia SP councilor Bart van Berkel. Especially because the large student housing SSH and in the last five years in Nijmegen more than 1,500 new rooms built in several large complexes.

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