2016/11/24 – Forklift needed to bring in halibut of 161 kilo


A wholesaler in Nijmegen has a halibut of 161 kilos and 2.5 meters long lying on the shelves. The huge fish did not just move. There was heavy equipment to pass. The fish was caught last weekend and on Monday the fishmongers announced the sale.The first bidder – Makro Nijmegen – was awarded the fish. Tuesday night the halibut in Nijmegen arrived and the fish with a forklift truck was brought to the store. The halibut was filleted on Wednesday by a specialist fish and seafood specialist.Last year sold a 300 kilo halibut in Nijmegen.
The head of the halibut will be sent back to Norway, in order to be able to determine the age of the animals. The fish otoliths and when they sawed the rings can be counted as a tree. The age of the halibut last year was almost 100 years. Probably this fish from 161 kilos around 60 years old.
Two men strong
The first cut through the fish and seafood specialist was about the middle of the fish. Two fish and seafood specialists were needed to cut the back fillet the fish and lift.

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