2016/11/23 – Unsafe tattoos

Better controls should prevent unsafe tattoos


Tattooing should more often unannounced by the Dutch Food and Goods Authority are checked for cleanliness. That is the trade association for Advocacy Tattoo artists and Piercers (BVTP) to prevent abuses. Now it is often done only after inspection report of a complaint. “Today you can buy a tattoo machine for less than 100 euros, you ask a permit from the health department for 550 euros, arranges a hygienic looking place and there you are,” says BVTP Chairman Hugh Stoffers. “If you do that one day the GGD have the permit issuing everything in order, you can go ahead last three years. The license gives no assurance regarding hygiene. “

GGD (Municipal Department of Health) license
The number of tattoo artists has been growing explosively, also in the eastern Netherlands. In 2011, the eastern region had 109 tattoo shops, now there are already 227, according to figures from the RIVM. The plea for more unannounced receives support from the Dutch Association of Tattoo artists (NBT). “The consumer sees only the Public Health Service permit and thinks that everything will be safe,” said Rinus Souisa of the NBT. The consequences could be very unsafe tattooing. There inflammation and scarring can occur. Also illnesses incur as hepatitis and HIV. A spokeswoman for Minister Schippers (Health) reports that there is currently no reason to change existing policy.

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