Building Explosion in Nijmegen, 1,000 new homes in 2016


After a brisk dip in recent years there is now a big revival of construction activities Nijmegen. The dozens of cranes are not to be missed. 2016 looks good for the delivery of 1,000 new homes.

  • Waalfront West and most of the construction is achieved in Waalsprong.
  • In East, the former Marguerite Terrain, erected many homes.
  • The Genestet avenue in Willem Quarter is working on 228 apartments for single households.
  • The downtown area gets live above shops a boost. Also at industrial sites are being built.
  • The Novio Tech Campus rises a factory.
  • West is the hotel Nimma almost ready.
  • Bell Construction is working on a new business complex at the bridge “The Crossing”.
  • In the center is transformed into the old V & D complex. TopShelf department store opened here.
  • The university has just completed the dentistry clinic. The Radboud Hospital is also working elsewhere to considerable innovations of clinics.


Building Fees
The municipality sees the revival of construction activities back into the incoming building permit fees associated with the issuance of building permits. Nijmegen held beginning this year account of a dramatic year. A substantial drawback was expected on the fees, a decrease of possible 8 tons. Mainly due to less construction activity following the completion of the works in and around the secondary channel. Nijmegen may report mid November, rising from construction fee income substantially. This can lead to a benefit of € 800,000.

a1In the coming years Nijmegen accelerates building houses. At the end of 2018, the municipality wants to approximately 500 residents drop temporary houses with low rent. The pressure on housing in Nijmegen increased dramatically with the advent of legally admitted asylum seekers. Moreover, the temporary housing available for all house hunters in Nijmegen.


The city of Nijmegen has 7 sites for temporary housing selected. These locations are spread throughout the Waalsprong, East Nijmegen, Nijmegen West, Nijmegen middle. The 1st houses come Zuiderveld in Waalsprong and on-site Smit Wire to Groenestraat.

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