0107 – Royalty


If Show News had not hung on the phone, then had Els Verbunt from Haaren not even known; Princess Beatrix (78) walks with a cane from company Ninee, which Mrs Verbunt runs with her husband. ,,I knew nothing. They had seen that Princess Beatrix walked with a stick of us. But I could not even check yet that stick really came from us.” Meanwhile Verbunt has established on the basis of photographs that Beatrix at official occasions a tulip stick ‘can. ,,They got him as far as I am not directly with us bought. Princess Christina, maybe she did it through her sister.”

The company Ninee is named after Verbunts mother in law. ,,Who did not like to walk with such a boring black stick. She came to a point back from France with such a beautiful stick. This is a product that everyone happy. Why would you have for example adapt a scarf to your wardrobe, not your stick?” The Ninee poles are not found in the average shop. “A conscious choice,” says Verbunt. ,,As such sprouts smell hangs. It’s bad enough that you have to walk a lot. About becoming another case for your phone, we still do not difficult, but you always run with the same stick?”