0104 – Nijmegen

Weir built on Waalkade Nijmegen (video)


Nothing to worry about though: the water level in the river Waal is not such that it is necessary to place an additional dam on the dock. The Water Board is, however, the placement of such a barrier to practicing this Tuesday.Required by law: once every five years, the aluminum plates from storage in Weurt be persuaded to be put down for casino and restaurants. In 2011 they were last posted: when the water was in January so high that they had to be really put down as a precaution. The exercise was therefore then be omitted. Each year a different part of the one and a half kilometer dam which is put down to the quay available. In this way it is checked whether all the holes are still usable, rubbers between the partitions are still intact, and whether the work can be done within a reasonable time.Passersby see it with interest at. “What time does the high water,” one of them asks jokingly.