Winter storm causes Sports Dome to collapse


The Sports Dome collapsed overnight after developing a tear in the fabric from Friday night’s storm. For the second time in about six years, the Sports Dome has col-lapsed. The dome developed a tear in the fabric and collapsed sometime over-night. There is no definite cause for why or how the tear happened, but Friday’s strong winds and heavy snow fall is believed to be a factor. Sports Dome management has been contacted, but was not immediately available.

QUOTE: Yesterday a Colorado low pressure system created blizzard like conditions through Minnesota and Northern Ontario. It began with freezing rain and quickly developed into snow flurries as the temperature dropped. By Friday evening the highways outside of Thunder Bay were closed to traffic. A couple of days back it was 13 C and no snow here. Today with the windchill it is -15 C and about 15 cm of snow on the ground. However I awoke to very sunny conditions although very windy and cold outdoors. And not far from here the sports dome was damaged during the storm as the news report below shows. UNQUOTE


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