0100 – Nijmegen

2016/11/19 – Inhabitant Nijmegen has go to jail for fraud with fictitious employees gay bar


A former gay bar entrepreneur from Nijmegen has been sentenced last Friday to a prison sentence of 18 months, 6 of which were suspended, for defrauding four payroll companies and 29 individuals. The 28-year-old man announced in 2014 plans to revive a gay bar in Nijmegen new life. Soon a payroll company – a kind of employment agency that the financial burden of staff takes on – from Deventer laid out contacts. He had the company pay for two employees, his partner and a friend, but the company gave them the money back. Then he tried three other payroll companies also to get so far as to pay his fictitious employees. The bar never opened.
In July 2015 he discovered a new source of income. He roamed the website “Marketplace” now and made contact with people who were looking for something. Concert Tickets, a television, a part of a car he would deliver it. He cashed the purchase price or a deposit and then gave not home. The judge ruled that he has acted intentionally and refined. In addition to a prison sentence he must pay damages totaling 18,000 euros (£ 15,500).