Lord Mayor of Groningen struggling with stealing asylum seekers


Police in Groningen conducts research on a group of bags rolling asylum seekers in the city of Groningen. It would include a group of Moroccans. According to Mayor Peter den Oudsten thieves ruin it for other asylum seekers. It would mostly go in Groningen about Moroccan asylum seekers widely pickpocketing in the center of the university town. ,,There are carried out quite a few arrests and the town it is also analyzing the police”, said the lord mayor in the Newspaper for the North.

According to the mayor, things are well qualified. It would not only go to North Africans, also Dutch and Eastern Europeans are involved in the thefts. Den Oudsten struggling with the problem. He does not stigmatize, but also believes that the perpetrators abuse the asylum procedure. Moreover, he can not evict the perpetrators because they are still in the asylum procedure. ,,I think we should return such individuals by return mail”, said Den Oudsten. What the municipality of Groningen concerns should politicians in The Hague to ensure that the asylum procedure is shorter, so attackers can not exploit their wait to go on a rampage. The VVD party in parliament (democrats) will today ask questions during Question Time.

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